Mardi Gras: Living the value fraternal conviviality

Mardi Gras: as it is called in French refers to the Tuesday before AshWednesday. This day is usually celebrated in our diocese among the Priests with joy and excitement. This year, the 21st of February which was mardi gras was another opportunity for priests to gather and share the love their priestly ordination granted them. The priests from the different zones of our diocese gathered in their various zones for the celebration of the Eucharist and to share a common meal. It is hope that the fraternal conviviality from this gathering will  certainly go a long way to strengthening the bond of brotherhood amongst us priests in the diocese  and enrich our Lenten as well as our Easter experience.                                                                                                                                Fr Ralph Ebi.

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Fondé en 1993, le diocèse catholique romain d’Eséka est un diocèse situé dans la ville d’Eséka dans la province ecclésiastique de Douala au Cameroun

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